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Civil and Industrial Buildings


COEMA Edilità S.r.l. was founded in January 1989 and, for over twenty years, has worked in all major sectors of the construction industry, ranking today among the most highly trusted companies in important Public and Private Institutions.

A company that is for the most part family-based, at the top of the structure are the founders and members of the family, which allows the company to be able to count on stable and highly accountable, as well as professionally qualified, management.

The organizational structure adopted is essentially hierarchical and this allows managers at all levels to be constantly informed about the problems and the solutions or the ordinary administration on the implementation of each work phase in each contract.

The program of work is carried out with the involvement of the governing bodies and those of intermediates, so as to involve themselves in a shared sense of responsibility.

As a demonstration of the strength and organizational capacity and management of the Company, COEMA Edilità has been awarded the "Certificate of Qualification for the Execution of Public Works" (SOA) in the categories OG1 (civil and industrial buildings) and OG32 (wooden structures), the certifications of "Quality Management System", "Environmental Management System" and "Management of health and safety at work" for the scope of "Construction of civil buildings."


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